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7th-Apr-2015 11:57 am(no subject)
So with moving out and taking space, I've been spending a pile of time thinking about how to reacquaint myself with myself, relearn what I like, what makes me happy, etc. Drawing and making art has been coming up a lot because I'm going to be doing art therapy soon, as well as just remembering how much I used to get out of it. At any rate, with my renewed interest in making art again, I've been giving a lot of thought to making comics.

One thing I could use right now is help finding solid links for sites/videos for comic art tutorials and tips. I'm going to go out on a limb and assume that sabotabby and culpster may or may not be able to help with this. If so, paste away in the comments thank you :D Also, I made this post public in case you know anyone who might be of help with this :)

I want to come up with a superheroey kinda maybe sort of comic with Ryver and Lyra having adventures and kicking villain ass, and for one, I've never been terribly good with likenesses when it comes to comics and I want them to be able to easily recognize themselves when they read it.
9th-Mar-2015 02:24 pm - Dispatches from the abyss
Mental health rating: Poor.

It sucks when you realize just how shitty your mental health has become because you notice that any rational person would react with fear, at the least to the sheer, constant instability that is my life right now and I'm not feeling a whole hell of a lot of anything besides a pathetic resignation because i'm just too tired to even bother hurting. That shit takes energy that I just don't have.
13th-Dec-2010 09:24 am - Writer's Block: Time after time
First question: Yes, although movies tend to get more repeats. Not really sure what if any limits I have on repeats as there are a few books that I first read in my teens that I've averaged about a read every year since and I'm now past my mid-30's. Same goes for movies, although the average for most of my favorites works out to several viewings per year. Then there is the original Star Wars trilogy which I lost count of how many times each I've seen them many years ago haha
30th-Dec-2009 12:25 pm - alien sickness dream
me, Jo-lyen and Ryver are in a hospital. A .. i don't even know what to call it... a sickness, infection, ... infestation perhaps has infected Ryver... as we're sitting there, i become infected as well. We're terrified. Whatever this is, it's already killed someone. This person died with blood red hair-like growths sprouting from one side of their mouth, their eyes, nostrils. these growths would then burrow into the other side, growing in such profusion that the orifices would quickly be sealed shut. The person suffocated shortly after. Ryver has a few of the blood hairs growing out of her chin, thankfully she isn't bothered. Our terror is mounting, I can barely breathe.

you know what is really getting me about all these dreams lately, apart from the fact that they are all basically nightmares of one sort or another... it's the fact of how vivid they are, on top of the fact that i am remembering them well enough to write them down after i wake. i haven't been one to really remember dreams for a very, very long time. so what gives?
28th-Dec-2009 03:14 pm - the afternoon nap horror.
what the crap is this? i've used the patch to quit smoking numerous times in the past but this would be the first time i've ever been plagued with super duper looney tunes fucked up dreams while using the patch. is it the brand i'm using? is it that people i know here in london all en masse asked me if i was having fucked up dreams while using the patch cos they had really fucked up dreams while they were on the patch? is it that time of year?

i've been on the patch for two days now and both days and nights in a row the dreams have been some of the most mental nonsensical bullshit my brain can throw my way it seems.

take the one i just had napping for example.

i'm in a big school. a VERY big school a la Central Tech except this school also had dorm rooms. Me and Ryver are in the gymnasium, playing or something, god knows why else i would be in a gym. anyways, i take my eyes off her for a second and she's gone. we're pretty close to one of the walls which is lined with windows to the outside as well, there is an entrance to an elevator. a second later, Ryver comes running back into the gym through the main doors squealing in joy towards me. i figure out that she must have hopped in the elevator and gone downstairs or something and outside. anyways, i'm a little freaked out having lost sight of her so quickly so i pick her up and then were walking around the school and i'm late for class except i have no idea where it is, i'm completely lost and then we're in a dorm room and i can't see worth a shit and then i woke up.

oh yes. i woke up freaked out. i seem to do that a lot lately. what. the. fuck?
27th-Dec-2009 02:57 pm(no subject)
fuck cigarettes. fuck cigarettes. fuck cigarettes. fuck cigarettes. fuck cigarettes. fuck cigarettes. fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck a duck a fuck a duck a cluck a duck a fuck a suck a muck a stuck muck fuck cluck suck duck muck ruck tuck FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

can't sit still.
21st-Dec-2009 04:17 am(no subject)
new dream.

i'm out with some people who turn out to be involved with some rather unsavory types... addicts, dealers and the like. i wanting to get away from this one guy in particular... he's kind of unstable and possessive ... he doesn't want me to go ... we're in his car after the pickup and i'm not sure how but at some point i'm no longer with him but he's looking for me.
i'm running through unfamiliar neighbourhoods... i've got the sense i'm heading northbound or uphill or something ... at any rate, i pass through a water park of sorts that was mostly populated with geriatrics... i think... somewhere in there i find about a quarter or half a joint... in the dream i'm still me now, meaning i don't do drugs, and yet i pick it up and bring it with me. i'm pretty sure i'm intending to smoke it... i'm pissed at Jo-lyen about something.. i'm not sure what, just that i am and thinking of smoking it and being like FUCK HER.
a short time later i'm passing through Dundas West station [i think... it looks different in retrospect but in the dream that's where i was] and i'm passing a group of modern day hoods [i know, strange to see anyone use that term but it seems the most fitting for some reason] on the subway platform... one of them, the leader, happens to notice the doob in my hand and starts going on to his buddy about it loud enough for me to hear and so they move in closer.
apparently the weed i've got in my hand is super rare or something like that. at any rate, he wants it and starts trying to convince me to give it up which for whatever reason, i don't want to... him and his buddy even go so far as to offer to trade it for other weed they've got which looks about as genuine as bagged dandelions. i turn him down and that's when things take a turn for the nasty.
i'm offering to split it with him, or trade him half for some of his, he's like okay but then after i give him half he's basically sorry sucker and i get pissed enough to start mouthing off. He doesn't care for this and a scuffle ensues which ends up involving me dragging him towards a collector booth screaming for help from the transit cops standing there.
In the moments before he gets taken i'm talking into his ear saying something to the effect that he should have just kept his word but no, he had to be a cunt about the whole thing, now i'm just going to cop to the whole situation including handing over the drugs and i'm going to watch his ass get busted cos that's what happens to assholes. he's red with rage but there's nothing he can do and somehow i get to walk away while he goes down.

this dream continued itself after a break... it saw me back at Dundas West some time later and the asshole and his friends run into me and i woke up just as they had me cornered.

it's kind of comforting to know i always seem to wake up right before things get really bad for me in my dreams
19th-Sep-2009 06:53 am - bad dream
so i awoke from a pretty nasty dream this morning

me and jo-lyen are sitting in our living room. our apartment, inexplicably, is back in toronto. we start to feel these seismic THUDS! which quickly grow louder and louder. i think that's when the fear starts. wondering if i should get ryver up from her nap, i go to the window to see what the fuck is going on. I see the hazy glow of flames over the downtown skyline and i can feel the heat emanating from that direction. then, i see at least 8 fire trucks tearing down the main thoroughfare past our place. the part that really scares me is that they are driving AWAY from the flames. our apartment is on the main floor of a building or a house (wasn't too clear on that) and following the fire trucks are people upon people upon people. i run outside and ask someone "do we need to evacuate" and they simply nod yes. i'm running back into the apartment, screaming at jo-lyen to grab whatever she can we need to leave NOW. as i go to grab ryver and whatever i can for her, i can't help but wonder if we'll make it out of here in time not to get burned alive.
16th-May-2006 07:11 pm - Best Day Ever.
i need more days like today.

first off, we find out around noon today that we got the apartment we wanted. this is not just any apartment though OH NO ... this apartment is a one bedroom that is only going to cost us $425 a month THAT'S RIGHT ONLY 425 DOLLARS PER MONTH... and it's not even a nasty roach pit either... jesus loves us today hahahahhahaha fuck yeah.

then this aft i went for an interview for a job working for a mutual fundy type company ... it's a phone csr position with NO SALES which is awesome cos well, i don't do sales ... i think it went okay... i think i may have even scored the position... i don't find out til tomorrow though so for now that's up in the air



i love my life today. i think ima go and explode somewheres now.
16th-Mar-2006 09:11 am(no subject)
seriously this looking for a DECENT job thing is driving me bugshit. apparently i'm not qualified enough to make photocopies or deliver faxes because i don't have a university degree... cos you know those kind of jobs take some SERIOUS skill ... it's not like you could learn what all those buttons do if you don't have a psych degree or something. what was i thinking? i guess i'll just HAVE to go back to rotting away in some mindless factory job.

in other news: i'm going to see the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. pardon me while i go scream the apartment down.
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